Mini Lamb and Rosemary Rissoles – Recipe

Sometimes there are recipes on the internet that look great and seem easy enough to make, yet the second you make them, you realise how average they are. You get excited and think to yourself “Wow, this looks so simple! Imma try it!” And then you realise “Okay that WAS simple but turned out to be a steaming pile of SH*T– thanks for nothing”.

These mini lamb and rosemary rissoles are easy to make, cost effective, require little to no actual cooking skills, kid friendly, the ingredients are easy to find, they’re healthy and above all, incredibly tasty! 

This recipe is perfect for meal prep as the rissoles can be frozen, so you can make heaps of them in one go and eat them whenever it tickles ya fancy. I make a variation of this recipe once a week and keep half of them in the fridge for mine and my boyfriend’s lunches, and the other half in the freezer for emergency meals (“emergency” meaning that it’s getting late, I can’t be bothered cooking anything, I’m slowly turning into the hulk and I’m RAGING because I’m HUNGRY AF). 

Depending on how I’m feeling, I may serve these rissoles with some cooked green beans that have been drenched in ghee and salt *heavy breathing*(is it wrong to be turned on by your food?), I sometimes will put these bad boys in a wrap with tzatziki and greens, I sometimes chop them up the day after and add them to a salad – basically, you can eat it however you want. They’re also delicious served with crumbled goats chevre or feta *heavy breathing* These bad boys can be eaten in so many different ways – They’re very versatile. 

This recipe is:

*Keto friendly

*Paleo friendly

*Gluten free

*Grain free

*Dairy free

*Egg free

If you give this recipe a go, PLEASE let me know what you think of it! 


Mini Lamb and Rosemary Rissoles

Makes 10-12 pieces

You’ll need:

500g lamb mince (ground lamb)

5 sprigs of fresh rosemary, stems removed, chopped finely 

½ a red onion, diced finely 

1 heaped tablespoon of tomato paste

3 cloves of garlic, minced

1 teaspoon unrefined, quality salt

Cracked pepper, to taste

Ghee or coconut oil (but preferably ghee) for frying


In a large bowl, combined all of the ingredients. Mix really well. Spend a couple of minutes kneading it. This will hold the mixture really well and keep it from crumbling, without having to add an egg and breadcrumbs. 

Get your food scale and weigh out 50g for every piece. Shape the rissoles however you like. Once you’ve done that, place them in the fridge for 30 minutes. 

In a medium sized fry pan, heat up the ghee over medium-high heat. Add the rissoles and cook on one side for 2 minutes, flip it over and continue cooking for just over a minute, or however long it takes to cook through. Please make sure you don’t overcook it because there is literally nothing worse than overcooked lamb – GROSS. It may be a great idea to sacrifice 1 rissole by cutting it in half to see how cooked through it is, if you’re unsure. 

Place the cooked rissoles on a paper towel to absorb excess fat. 

Apply to face. No directions necessary. 


Lotsa love,

Mara xoxo

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